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Fix and Preserve Your Blacktop Driveway or Parking Area

Asphalt repair: Water is the primary enemy of asphalt, though motor oil and other solvents can weaken it and make water invasion more likely. As vehicles drive across blacktop, the friction from the tires heats the material significantly, causing it to expand. Over time, constant expansion and contraction can cause surface cracks. Water then seeps into the cracks, eroding the asphalt from the bottom up. In very cold weather, water can actually freeze underneath the asphalt, violently expanding and pushing areas of asphalt out of the way. When the ice melts, there is nothing to support the top layers of asphalt where the lower layers were removed. When vehicles cross the weakened asphalt, their weight can actually cause the unsupported asphalt to collapse, causing a pothole.

Hot mix asphalt is super-heated at the plant to temperatures of 160 C or above. To ensure the blacktop is poured at optimal temperature, our crews will perform all site excavation and grading prior to delivery. Once the asphalt arrives it is quickly poured and compacted. Since the blacktop will be pliable until it has hardened or fully cured, it is important to avoid the following:

  • Parking your car in the same spot every time
  • Placing motorcycles and bicycles on the asphalt where kickstands can penetrate the surface
  • Never park a trailer or RV on the pavement (long term) without putting a piece of plywood beneath each wheel and trailer hitch to evenly distribute the weight. We recommend using a piece of wood under trailer hitches even for short term parking, and especially when jacking up a loaded trailer.

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